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[Br]eaking [Ba]d



[#030] i missed out on Breaking Bad during it's run on television but after getting hooked on Better Call Saul (a spin-off show), I went back to start binge-watching as the whole series is on Netflix. i finally finished it up today.


i've got some people at work to yell at. they described the series finale as God's gift to television. it was nowhere near "the most satisfying ending ever".



yes, some parts were satisfying, like Jesse taking out Todd... but then 90% of Walt's money never gets to his wife and children because he dies and cops most likely recover it after the credits roll. and then Walt Jr.'s last words to his own father, over the phone no less, was "why don't you die already?" Holly will have no memory of her dad. Skylar was a bitch from Episode 1... and Jesse gets to be daddy for that kid Brock?...man, fuck this ending.



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They should've ended the series after the 4th season. The 5th just feels tacked on, with the final endboss introduced three episodes before it ended... meh.

Most satisfying ending? BSG.

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i somewhat disagree. there was too much left open-ended at that point, but they didn't need an entire extra season to keep things going. if anything, Season 4 should have been 4-6 episodes longer to finish up the plot threads and not drag some of them on, or even introduce new main characters like Lydia.


i remember thinking that seasons 1-3 were very slow-paced and that conversations or daily routines were dragged on. the opposite could be said about season 5, where they just tried to pack too much content.


my least favorite thing about how the show ended is that i felt the worst for Marie and Hank, and also that i guess i was expecting Walt to go out with a bigger bang, with a "i don't give a shit anymore" mentality. i was expecting him to be armed with guns and grenades and bombs and just unleash a wrath of mass destruction. instead we get one little contraption that does a PG-13 version of the final job.

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I can sort of understand not enjoying the series if you start with Saul. Probably alters the dynamic and creative intent of the piece.


I loved Breaking Bad for the most part (you at least have to admit, it has one of the best pilot episodes ever for a TV project). Here's what I didn't like about the ending: it would have been perhaps more interesting if he survived and then died a natural death, and if his family supported him instead of hating him at the end. Would have made more sense.


However, I still liked the ending. Overall, excellent series. If I may disagree, I would not like the ending to be as you wished (although I respect your thoughts), but I do acknowledge the solution Walt came up with depended on so much luck that it took me out of the moment (they would allow him to drive the car so close to the building instead of having him exit it outside the gate and walking him to the building, they never checked the trunk, etc.). The Badfinger song is one of my favorites, so I did like that aspect. And too bad Jesse and him didn't have a reconciliation. (It's also too bad the ending wasn't, as someone once said, Jesse becoming a chemistry teacher and reciting almost the same lecture monologue about the change of matter as Walt did in the beginning; Jesse breaking good, in other words.)

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