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Joystick Port Logic Box




Not that many of my projects get past the prototype stage. Once I find out that something can be done I rapidly lose interest. I have found in the past that once built, the circuits rarely get used because Im working on the next project. But every so often a circuit gets soldered together and put in a project box to have on hand. Such is the case with the Joystick Logic Box.

While programing the Spinax light control circuit I wished I had the ability to quickly hook up some LEDs to the Joystick pins to view their logic state as they were changing. With the LEDs hooked up I would be able to get the program working without having to wonder if the circuit or the program is causing problems.

So, before I start my next project wishing I had this little tool at my disposal, I built one using a perforated prototype board and solder and put it in a small project box.

The electronics is nothing revelatory but I was surprised that it went into a project box measuring 1.25 X 2 X 0.5 using through hole components. It would also surprise me if someone has not done this before.

Joystick Logic Box


You may have to resize R5-R8 depending on the LED you use.



A DB9 female connector was mounted on the box to allow a joystick extension cable to connect the computer and box.

The Spinax light control program can be used to test the LEDs.



They should all be on when you boot up and start blinking on pins 1, 2 and 3 when the program runs.


Now Im ready for that next project.


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Really Cool Project!


My problem with building circuits is that I get the idea to build something I find then lack the motivation to buy the parts.

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Kinda sorta similar.......


Thanks for the new project Idea. A pocket size portable Joystick checker. I'll never again go to a flea market without one.

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