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Inside the Quick Shot II Turbo Joystick



blog-0521850001433430878.jpgI was surprised at the dismal condition my joysticks were in when I tested them with the Pocket Joystick Tester. When an LED did not light, I know it was broken but most of the time they would dim, blink, or change light intensity as the switches were activated. These are sure signs that the contacts need cleaning.

If I’m going to clean the contacts I may as well take some pictures to share.




Quick Shot II Turbo


I’m not sure where I got this joystick or if it has ever been opened up. There appears to be some rework but this could have been done to solve some design and manufacturing problems. There weren’t any broken parts in the base?



The following information is molded on the bottom between the 4 suction cups.

Quick Shot II


Model # QS-111

UK. Design Reg.No. 10333206








The “auto fire – manual – and CPC 464” switch controls the trigger firing mode. In auto-fire the triggers continually fire at a rate determined by circuit component design. The CPC 464 setting is for use with the Amstrad CPC 464 computer.


The contacts look heavy duty. The spring and flap work together to make a distinctive click and contact. As the spring is pushed down by a pin on the shaft, the flap flips down and makes contact with a metal rod soldered in the board.


The cable for this joystick requires 7 wires instead of the normal 6 wire cable of the Atari Joystick. The extra wire is used to provide 5V to the auto-fire circuit. (and can be useful for many joystick port hardware projects)


The bottom of the shaft did seem to have some modifications done to it. Two of the pins that push on the springs had plastic tubing over them. I’m supposing they are to improve spring contact. The brackets that hold the shaft in place have markings that make me believe they may have been modified. Both may have been done to improve performance.












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I got this joystick and just wondering about autofire switch.

Is autofire mode suppose to work without pressing the fire buttons?

I thought it would be more convenient to have it autofire just when pressing the buttons.

Is there a way to make this work like that?

Thank you.

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