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Putting the Curtains on Boss 2 Room In Rock Cutter




I finally went back to Rock Cutter and put the curtain on the 2nd boss room since I forgot to put it on there after I have compressed it. It symbolize Zelda 2, since I love that game so much.


Sometimes I get anxiety when something bothers me while making games. I know how to go fix it, but I just ignore it and do something else. Now something bothers me in Mad Bomber, like animating the mad bomber to walk over to pick up his back pack and leave his shack. I don't enjoy doing sprite work. So I started making Simon's Quest mock-up and finished that. After that I tried to make a original tileset in Tilestudio. I realize that my tile to sprite collusion detection won't work well with Intellivision with Intellivision card tile info. Plus I need the cards in order, like card number 0-15 will be solid. I'll have to trim the first 3 bits, and the last 8 bits to get the card number. Thinking of loading that number to a byte, and divide that with 8 and get the 5 bits I needed. I'll get my Intellivision platformer engine up and running eventually. The amount of cartridge space is quite generous.


And Rockcutter is one I want to get completed sometime this year. I been working on this game on and off for since July 17, 2014. I have completed 3 levels so far. I converted the graphics to use my 16x16 metamapping routine to save space. 4th level is probably be the final levels since the game is almost 32 KB. After compressing the level map for the 3rd one, I may probably have less than 30 KB. I have level 1 and 2 map compressed down from 3.3KB to about 750 bytes. They get unpacked to the unused portion of the VRAM. Then the game read from that and load the metatiles. There's 44 unique maps in this game, which is 33KB uncompressed.I put in a routine that generate the flip version of the enemies. I do have a question on how to use the Colecovision BIOS routine so I can use that and have more memory towards the game. I'm going to make a final boss. The current 4th level boss is kinda too easy. Maybe I can keep both...


I did complete Quest Forge, and it gave me an idea for the 4th level. It had a cave that reuses the same map. I sometime reuse screen in Rock Cutter. The 4th level probably will have that maze thing they have going on. I'll probably have maybe 4 or 8 enemy to kill to unlock the final boss door, to keep it fresh since level 2 and 3 have you hit 2 switches to open the boss's door. I'm ok with level 3's layout, so it going to be compressed. Then I can start building level 4.

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