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Analog Machine Language Games for A8



Needed one more list for my Book of Lists. I looked through the Analog issues and made one of the machine language games written in Assembler. Now to organize the programs I have and find those I don’t.

If I remember, Harvey Wallbager was the first I typed in. Planetary Defense got the most play time. I’ll have to play then again to be sure the files haven’t been corrupted.


# TITLE Author
6 Maniac! Messner
9 Harvey Wallbanger Bachand
10 Fill 'er Up Hudson
12 Live Wire Hudson
13 Round Up Loken
14 RetroFire Hudson
15 Bricklayer's Nightmare Robson
16 Shooting Stars Fox
17 Planetary Defense Bachand/Hudson
18 Crash Dive! Moriarty
19 Battle in the B-Ring Thomits
20 Bacterion! Peacock/Hudson
21 Avalanche Bennett
22 Money Hungry Murphy
23 Firebug Peacock
24 Race in Space Bachand
26 Popcorn! Sloatman
28 Two Gun Tatge
30 Boulder Bombers Price
31 Lazer Type Ratcliff
32 Cosmic Defender Roey
33 Syntron Snyder
34 Elevator Repair Man Caprilli
35 Bonk Hague
36 Maze War Price
37 Speedski Richardson
38 Incoming! Tatge
39 Super Pong Domrow
40 The Clash of Kings Schappel/Kolbe
41 One For the Road Walnum
43 Electroids Hague
44 Blast! Wilmot
45 Troll War Langston
47 Deathzone Hiller
48 Cosmic Glob Enns
50 Krazy Katerpillars Huff
51 Slither Pearson/Kohut
52 RAMBug II Ratcliff
53 Floyd the Droid Lay
54 Rocks! Engel
55 Life in the Fast Lane Hague
57 Troll War II Langston
58 Robox Kolbe/Schappel
59 Labyrinths Lashower
64 Snowplow Kolbe/Schappel
67 Dragon Lords Bradley
68 Stellar Arena Ortiz
69 Star Rider Lay
71 Krazy Mazes Kolbe
72 Crazy Clown Jumper Timmins
73 Secret Agent:Mission 1 Kolbe
74 Mazerunner Fruin
75 Capital! Schappel/Kolbe
76 Skeet Shoot Jacobs


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