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Sequence Broken / Full Circle / Extended




I. Sequence Broken

from day one, i've labeled my blogs here on AtariAge with "serial numbers" in a "[#XXX]" format, starting off each blog post with said label.

however, [#035] The Legend of Zelda, My Dog was mostly complete but never published. I wrote it up at the end of August shortly after Z's burial. part of the reason it wasn't posted was because it was kinda like a eulogy, and no matter how many edits and revisions i made, it just wasn't good enough. the other and probably bigger reason was because in my mind it was the absolute final thing to do for her, and that meant the absolute end of an era that i was not ready to face.

- - -

II. Full Circle

my first post of this year was [#024] In 2015, pets die and vomit spews, written and posted on January 4th. it was about my brother's chocolate lab who died in his arms on New Year's Day. i never would have guessed that i'd lose Zelda eight months later.

somewhere in-between that, my wife and i decided to surrender her 9-year-old Russian Blue cat. she had named him Jesus Christ Cat (but we'd end up calling him Jeezy). he always had behavior problems all his life (hence "Jesus Christ, Cat!") and things just got bad when my daughter started crawling and walking. he had to go. we asked everyone we knew if anyone wanted a nice soft fluffy hypoallergenic kitty, but we couldn't find any takers. i keep telling myself he was adopted by someone out there, but i'm pretty sure for his age they put him down within a few days.

so there we have it. 2015 marks the first time since 2003 that i have no pet. Zelda was my second dog. I have no desire for a third.

- - -

III. Extended

Certain members of my extended family are no longer welcome in my or my child's life. Regardless of whether we're inside her house or not, a hypocritical bible-thumper with fake tits has no place to talk down to me. I'm not the weirdo you think I am. I'm smarter than you. I'm realer than you. You're a career housewife. You excel at nothing. And you're still the bitch I told you you were in our teenage years. We won't be back next year.

- - -

Come on, 2016..


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