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[Cancelled] Cat Quest for NES



At the request of Serguei2, I've dug up the pixel art from my cancelled NES game, Cat Quest.

The game was a Legend of Zelda clone, utilizing only a simple 32KB NROM cartridge. The same as Super Mario Bros. I had devised some compression techniques to allow for quite a large game!

First, the 8KB chr of graphics. This game was limited to 512 8x8 tiles for sprites and background. It was undergoing some minor revision at the time of cancellation.
Here, the sprites are built, to show how they would have appeared in-game.
The game had a palette rotation routine, to dynamically occupy the color palettes, as enemies required them. This allowed me to build each room, and set enemies down, without worrying about changing palettes by hand.
And here, are some of the screens made for the game.
There's more, but I couldn't be bothered to go looking for them.

I spoke with a programmer about my previous mock-up, and made some slight adjustments.
Assuming I didn't fuck up the scanlines, this should be perfectly 2600-friendly!


Recommended Comments

Your nes screenshots are gorgeous and your mock-up 2600 screenshots are now closer to the 2600 system.


Is Cat Quest your first game you made?

Thanks! Optimizing the 8x8 tile work was the fun part of the project.


Before Cat Quest, I had been developing games for almost 16 years, professionally for almost 13 (Mostly programming hentai games). I decided to take some time to re-learn 6502 ASM to make a small-scale NES game. (My previous experience was with a Commodore 64 when I was younger.)


Needless to say, the unacceptable behaviour of the NES homebrew scene, resulted in cancellation of the game, and my current disinterest in games.


Cat Quest was about 30% complete when I scrapped it.


The Overworld was finished, along with 2 out of 5 Dungeons.

There were 40+ unique enemies programmed, with re-colored sprites, but completely unique behaviour between them. No bosses had been programmed.

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Unacceptable behaviour?


Now you get my attention.


Did you get angry messages from NES community?

Yes. Somebody mentioned that I should use KickStarter to finish "Cat Quest".


I absolutely refused that suggestion, on the grounds that I was previously screwed over on a programming job, by some indie developer. I made it clear that I don't like KickStarter, when it's been abused by so many scammers.


A few members made fun of me for saying this, so I attempted to further explain my stance--


Rather than looking at this objectively, and acting like adults--

The comments became nastier, and somebody decided to make an absurd claim against me (I will tell you via PM if you wish, but it's... pretty bad.), and publicly gave out my e-mail address.


After the first wave of harassment in my inbox, a clear betrayal of trust towards the community, I announced the cancellation of my games, and closed the threads for them.


To add insult to injury, afterwards, a number of members of the community were bad-mouthing me in the public thread, from only having heard half of the story.


Screw them and their toxic community, clearly, I shall *never* live up to their 50+ NES pong clones! :P

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Well, there's always the 2600! Welcome home. It's a great idea whatever system you choose.

My thoughts exactly. As an engineer, I have the capability to put my games on ANY console I desire, so long as I take the time to make adjustments.


Right now, I'm taking a break from anything gamedev related.

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