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RockCutter is now set at 128KB Megacart



I started another project after I failed to convert Rockcutter a Megacart format.  I soon figured out that if --codeseg bank1 is in that command line, then it would compile the code and const segment in 1 bank.  SDCC -?  help got me a list of switches to tell me what each switch does.  So I found --codeseg and tried it out.  Sure enough it compiled both const and code in 1 bank.  I used cvmkcart.exe to put the segment together and sure enough it works(once I figured out which bank is the right one.)
So I decided to try making Rockcutter to Megacart again that I know --codeseg is needed. I first made a 80KB ROM since I already made 4 banks of graphic and code, but it failed to work.  So I already experienced with 128KB, so why not go for that size.  Sure enough I was saw KIWI on my logo screen, which the font was taken from the BIOS.  No graphic was loaded since I was at the wrong bank. So I fudge around with it until the game was running perfectly.  So now it work like my original 32KB version.  I can now add more stuff to it.  Music is one of the feature I want to add to this game.  Better titlescreen for sure and better ending screen.  Even a story screen, and a tutorial level for those who don't want to read the manual first.  Maybe add more tile graphic to the levels.
I really need to get on making that manual.  And hopefully the game will be release in Summer 2016. 


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