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[#037] i haven't posted a blog in over two months, so i threw a ketchup-flavored jellybean on the floor and waited a couple of minutes. nothing happened, so i picked it up and threw it in the garbage.

so fuck Apple. there's that.

my Kickstarter limited edition copper iMpulse bluetooth gamepad/controller bit the dust after a few years of heavy use. when i inserted the microUSB jack into the charging port, the metal piece that accepts the jack broke off and fell inside the unit. i was able to get the piece out but i won't try to open the unit from fear of breaking something else, as there are no screws holding it together. i wouldn't be able to reattach the piece myself, anyway. i sent several emails to the company, who seems to be non-responsive and defunct now.

my two latest gaming obsessions:
1) it's common knowledge that Super Dodge Ball on NES is one of my all-time favorite games. i hadn't played Super Dodge Ball Advance on GBA in quite a few years, so I've been playing that on an emulator on my android using on-screen controls. I've gotten good enough to kill off Team Atlus with only losing one or maybe two guys. when I plugged in a wired USB controller, I was able to win easily, barely taking any damage. however, the controller (it's an NES controller clone, maybe Hyperkin?) muted the sound on my tablet, and i can't figure out why. oh well. back to virtual on-screen controls. because even my 8bitdo NESPro won't connect to my tablet 99% of the time. i gave up on that thing.
2) after anxiously waiting for months and finally getting a copy of MegaMan Legacy Collection: Collector's Edition mailed to me from Target, i finally had a reason to dust off my 3DS and fire it up. i've already cleared about 1/3 of the challenged in a matter of a few days (or a few hours of actual playing it). i wish there was a chart out there that showed the minimum completion times i need to get Silver or Gold helmets. clearing the challenge but taking too long gets you a regular Blue helmet.

that's all for now. I need to order some pizza to feed me and my awesome little girl, who's been watching Paw Patrol. all. effing. day.

that reminds me, i watched an episode of G.I. Joe Real American Hero last night before dozing off. just because, i hadn't seen it since my age was in single digits and i didn't remember much. holy shit is this show violent! it's so awesomely violent! i watched what was labeled as S1E1 (pyramid of darkness part 1), but apparently there are 2 miniseries of the same name that take place before S1E1. confusing shit. whatever.

oh right. pizza.


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