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March 2016 - Rob Paulsen's B-Day and Questions for Bubsy Podcast!


Thanks to Sponge Fox we have this great happy birthday greeting for Rob Paulsen... only 15 days late! :P


(Ooops! Sorry Rob)




It is funny how I believe it was around his birthday I popped in my copy of Animaniacs one night. Love that show but I hadn't watched that in ages. Oh wow that show is timeless. And naturally I watch the show listening to Yakko and thinking with a slight alteration in voice we have the Bubster.


I was looking at Rob's picture and he kinda resembles Yakko:




Fun stuff. :D Well again, happy 60th Rob!


The only other order of business this month...




It's true. The Jaguar Game by Game Podcast by Shinto will be covering the Jaguar version of Bubsy roughly a month for now, and I am gathering information. So you the Bubsy fans can give your feedback or questions that you would like covered.


What I am looking for are:


1) Things you would like to know about Bubsy in general

2) Questions you would have for the developers of the Jaguar Bubsy game

3) How would you rate the Jaguar version of Bubsy?

(1) Hall of Fame Game (top 5 on the Jaguar)

(2) Solid Game

(3) "Meh" Game

(4) Trash Game (bottom 5 on the Jaguar)


You can leave those questions in the comments, or just PM me the feedback or questions.


Naturally for me the Jaguar version of Bubsy I would not neccessarily say "Hall of Fame" but it is my top 5 go to games on the Jaguar (at the moment Bubsy, Cybermorph, Raiden, Doom, and Joust). :)


With all it's problems, meh, I still will vote a Hall of Fame in my book. But we all have our guilty pleasures and Bubsy is certainly mine as a hobby.


I look forward to your feedback. Soon we will have an informative hour plus long podcast episode about Bubsy that we all can enjoy!



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