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Torpedo Projector - screen shots




The Torpedo Projector has been sitting on the shelf for a few years. The instructions were written around 2007 and that's about how long its been sitting on the shelf. I played a couple of games of Star Raiders on the 6 foot screen, but I can't believe I was overly impressed since that was the last time it was out of the box.




For playing your 1980's video game machines that have a composite output, you might be happy with one of these toys. Just keep your expectations low. After all, how much of a projector do you think you can get for $100?




The projector was setup at about 2:30 pm. The blinds were closed and the projector was pointed at a painted cinderblock wall. The picture would have been better at midnight and viewed on a projection screen. There are 4 adjustments that can be made to the picture to get the best picture. The color saturation level was adjusted to a little less then max before taking the pictures.




I did the color adjustments while watching Frogger. The picture doesn't look bad but it does have a low resolution. When you get up close enough you begin to see the pixels and loose a lot of detail. It starts to look like your seeing the picture though the back door screen.




Zooming in on the lower left corner of the screen shows the screen effect on the "1 UP" display. Your going to loose a lot of detail so playing Hi-Rez games will be difficult if not impossible.




Don't plan on using the projector as a monitor for your A8. The text is hard to read because of the loss in detail and contrast is low, depending on the light. I offer this photo of BASIC's READY prompt. The photo of the background again shows the screen effect.




More screen shots.











This projector might work if you're having a few friends over to do some retro gaming but you can get that same 6 foot screen look if you lean in really close to that 13" monitor. You decide, I'm keeping the one I got just in case I get a few friends.

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Granddaughter is coming into town for Mother's Day. Going to project on white ceiling. I'll post if its a big hit.

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