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The AMAZING "FlashROM 99" Cartridge -- (Updated & Locked 9/04/2019)

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FlashROM 99


NOTE/UPDATE: This cartridge has been superseded by the new FinalGROM 99.

The FlashROM 99 came out in May of 2016 and proved to be a definite paradigm shift in cartridge technology for the TI-99/4A. In the past, if one wanted cartridge based programs they either had to buy an EEPROM programmer, like the MiniPRO TL866CS, and some chips, and do it themselves, or pay someone else to do it.


With the old method of getting things into a cartridge, there were a ‘few’ things one had to learn first, especially when making their own compilation cartridges. The required learning curve, combined with the added expense, introduced a limiting factor to this formats development. With this new cartridge format, all you had to do was “drag & drop”, nothing could have been faster or easier.


There has been a literal explosion of programs converted to work with the FlashROM 99. Thanks to AtariAge users like JediMatt42 and to Static1701 who have devoted a considerable amount of time into making the lives of FlashROM 99 users more enjoyable.


The thread to access all of those excellent conversions is: << HERE >>


Justifying your investment


This cartridge was the perfect solution for so many different types of TI users…


1 The returning user with limited equipment

No memory expansion? No P-Box? NO PROBLEM! This cartridge ran many programs

that don’t require all the extras.


2 The dedicated gamer

If you wanted to play games, on the ‘REAL THING’, but not buy a bunch of expensive

hardware, this cartridge was a must.


3 The user on a budget

This cartridge could get you into the TI painlessly from a financial viewpoint. Start having

fun now, worry about expanding later…if you decided/wanted to.


4 The user without the time

Some people have limited time, and either can’t or didn’t want to invest a lot of it learning

a bunch of convoluted steps to just program in a game or two every ‘now and then’.


5 The limited space user

For those who needed an option for a small affordable storage device for ‘Real Iron’.


Update 07/12/2016

There is a 3D printed case available for the FlashRom 99!

To access the blog entry on the available case by << CLICKING HERE >> gallery_35324_1027_1859.png


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Details. does it do GROM cartridges? Whats the size maximum? What's the limitations? What's the cost?

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If I remember correctly the cost, with the exchange rate at the time was about $60.00 US.


No, it does not do GROM cartridges.

I believe the maximum size of an image is 32K due to the TI's limitations. You can store up to 171 images at the same time!


There is more information on this device << HERE >> and << HERE >>.

You can also check out the creators message thread << HERE >>.

Details. does it do GROM cartridges? Whats the size maximum? What's the limitations? What's the cost?

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Better later than never... I forgot to add Stuart's Internet Browser! Jedimatt converted that one too. So now you can have TIMXT & SIB on the same cartridge! AWESOME!

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I'm looking forward to receiving the case for the FlashROM 99. I'll be doing a separate blog entry and video on this once I receive it.




I ordered the BLACK version without the TI logo or the FlashROM 99 text.

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As of 09/12/2018 this cartridge could still be obtained over eBay, but it's no longer a recommended purchase since the newer FinalGROM 99 can do so much more.


Because of the changes in the TI 'user-scape', this entry is being locked into "time-vault" mode.


Thanks for reading this and making this entry popular. - Ω

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