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1/4" scale working upright Pac-Man cabinet - complete!




Finally completed!


This idea started when I acquired a 5" LCD panel about a year ago, and I thought about making a mini arcade machine around it. I figured 1/4" scale, because originally they used 19" monitors, so 20" (I rounded up) divided by 5" = 4. I then decided to start with a mini upright pacman, and would like to do others as well (i.e. Asteroids, Defender, Galaga, etc.) Sort of like a 'mini arcade' for people like me who don't have the room for full size cabinets. :D


First this I have to say, is that this would not have been possible without John from Boulder Arcade Factory. He was helpful, willing to try something new (he usually sells full size cabinet recreations... I made a Cabaret version with one of his cabinets here), and just a nice person all around.

John made the scaled-down cabinet out of MDF, and I took it from there. The cabinet was perfect, and he paid attention to every detail.


Unfortunately, the side art I had printed last year came up a little short (about 1/2 inch), so I painted the bottom. I must have mis-measured last year when I was trying to build it myself.

Other than that, I tried to follow the exact way the full size cabinet is made. I ended up 3-D printing:

- The marquee retainers

- The red joystick ball

- The Control Panel itself

- The Coin Door

- The speaker grill


AA user 'spawnshop' desgined the coin door, and printed the first one... which I subsequently ruined :( since then, I purchased my own 3-D printer, and was able to print another two of them, using his design. Thanks spawnshop!

I found a small joystick on the net and used that as you can see in the pictures.

I pulled off the keycap, and printed the Red ball as noted above.


I also used Orange magic marker for the ‘t-molding’, and black marker for the inside. ;)

blogentry-1787-0-34233400-1467637157_thumb.jpg blogentry-1787-0-62534600-1467637160_thumb.jpg

blogentry-1787-0-56985100-1467637163_thumb.jpg blogentry-1787-0-34217600-1467637165_thumb.jpg

blogentry-1787-0-18343100-1467637167_thumb.jpg blogentry-1787-0-73540000-1467637169_thumb.jpg

blogentry-1787-0-23280500-1467637172_thumb.jpg blogentry-1787-0-76450700-1467637174_thumb.jpg

blogentry-1787-0-04139700-1467637178_thumb.jpg blogentry-1787-0-38348800-1467637181_thumb.jpg

blogentry-1787-0-85203000-1467638377_thumb.jpg blogentry-1787-0-80906000-1467638378_thumb.jpg


Still need to figure out a 'non-permanent' way to attach the monitor bezel (which has the LCD panel attached to it), as well as the Control Panel.

I used a Raspberry Pi for the innards, and made it boot directly into Pac-Man only.


Thanks, guys!



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That is super cool. Reminds me of those Mr. Arcade (and Mrs. Arcade) commercials from the 80's where they would zap the full size machines into the Coleco tabletops.


Almost like a modern day evolution of that concept. I know Coleco has posted on these forum to get input on a new tabletop line. What you did would probably be too cost prohibitive for them to make a profit and sell at a reasonable price.


Still so very cool...Game on, Bob!

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Is there anything you do that isn't kual?

No, don't tell me..

You'd probably say something like, "Well, I have this pretty lame jet I've been learning to fly" or something like that... ;-)


Seriously, nice looking mini cab!!!



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Hello Bob,


I realize this is a super old post. I'm curious if you'd be willing to share your 3D models for printing. I'd love to build one or two of these myself.





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