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Chronogaming is a Mini-craze?



Wow, I coined an historical term!

Dr. Sparkle, thank you for giving me credit in this ^_^


I like how they refer to it as burning out. Really, I still want to do this, RL just sort of burned its way in.

Nelio! Yeah, a thing happened and I deleted my YouTube thing. I'll have to bring it back eventually.

I still have all my stuff and going through the pain of moving it to a new place.

Oh, and I do flinch every time they say "chrongaming".

Anyway, hope everything is going well here. See y'all again soon, but you've heard that before.

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We'll look forward to your return! :)


And I look forward to checking out that podcast too. I guess I really like this chronogaming thing, since I'm a regular follower of almost every series mentioned in the comments. There are a couple more I know of that weren't cited:




This one made it nine games or so into the SNES/SFC library before going dormant. (You'll notice it spells "chronogaming" correctly -- congrats for coining the term and starting the mini-craze. :D )






This has gone private for some reason, but wrote up reviews for the first 20-30 games in the SNES library before going dormant (and then private).

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You deserve it! I loved your idea and name from the very first moment I heard about it. Such a fun concept.

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