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Chronogaming is a Mini-craze?



Wow, I coined an historical term!

Dr. Sparkle, thank you for giving me credit in this ^_^


I like how they refer to it as burning out. Really, I still want to do this, RL just sort of burned its way in.

Nelio! Yeah, a thing happened and I deleted my YouTube thing. I'll have to bring it back eventually.

I still have all my stuff and going through the pain of moving it to a new place.

Oh, and I do flinch every time they say "chrongaming".

Anyway, hope everything is going well here. See y'all again soon, but you've heard that before.

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We'll look forward to your return! :)


And I look forward to checking out that podcast too. I guess I really like this chronogaming thing, since I'm a regular follower of almost every series mentioned in the comments. There are a couple more I know of that weren't cited:




This one made it nine games or so into the SNES/SFC library before going dormant. (You'll notice it spells "chronogaming" correctly -- congrats for coining the term and starting the mini-craze. :D )






This has gone private for some reason, but wrote up reviews for the first 20-30 games in the SNES library before going dormant (and then private).

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You deserve it! I loved your idea and name from the very first moment I heard about it. Such a fun concept.

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Thank you, both so much!


I wonder why those SNES blogs went private?


I am actually thinking about doing this blog in a video format but avoiding becoming a YouTuber until I'm lured there by the promise of fame, fortune and women. Honestly, if anyone watches these at all, I'm not sure want to deal with YouTube comment sections.


AtariAge comment sections, on the other hand, are awesome. :D

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Fortunately the person behind that Super Famicom chronogaming project started a new project focusing on RPGs -- two of them, actually:


Super Famicom RPGs (SFC RPGs that weren't localized, plus PC Engine RPGs)


This Map Is Completed! (strategy RPGs on all consoles)


The blog author is on AtariAge, and mentioned that the scope of the original SFC project was just too broad (understandably).


There are a bunch of other chronogaming projects that have surfaced over the past 5 years but most are video- or Twitch-based, rather than text-based. Frankly I love the written reviews, and am pretty much at saturation point when it comes to video content, so I'm glad to see you continuing in blog format!

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