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Donkey Kong Country 3

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So I've decided to resurrect this portion of the blog. Last time we left it, I was almost done with 1997. There's differing opinions on which games were released when, so I'm going with the most popular opinion. I have the official SNES pdf of released games, which isn't very reliable, Digital Press isn't, either. So I guess combined with the SNES pdf another option is NintendoAge. So here's the other games I need for 1997:
Casper (?)
Harvest Moon (will not be doing this one. It's too expensive)
Lost Vikings 2
NBA Live '98 (the SNES pdf says this came out in March 1998! See, it's not that reliable.)
NHL '98

And I don't know about Lost Vikings 2. I may have to skip that one as well due to it being too expensive. Which it shouldn't really be since it doesn't have the word "Mario" in the title. Anyway, time for DKC3. This game is too hard. Fortunately, I have a copy with a save file with a beaten game on it. I couldn't save my progress on a new file since it kept freezing after the first sublevel. Weird. Last time I played this game when it was new, there was one level that I just could not beat. I couldn't find it on here, but I did find a similar level in world 2 (Kremwood Forest). The boss of Kremwood Forest is an impossible to beat spider named Arich (weird way of spelling Eric!) Arich can not be beaten due to his tendency to chew and spit out balls of poison at you that are impossible to dodge. Otherwise, it would be a good candidate for a second level boss. Overall the game is really difficult and impossible. Which is too bad because DKC1 was a great game. But I guess the idiots that have to ruin game series thought it was too easy or something, and DKC2 was a hideous impossible mess. You can see where I'm going here. I did manage, however to beat the first world in Krematoa, but I don't have enough coins to open any other worlds. I wish it would tell you how many coins you need in order to open a second world, but this is the stupid game, so naturally it's a secret. I guess I could go to gameFAQs, but it's best to just not ever play this POS game ever again.

Next: The sports games shouldn't be too hard to find. Of course, I have no experience with hockey, and the basketball games I like are the NBA Jam series.

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