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Playing Dig Dug



In preparation for the competition ( http://replayfx.org/competitions/replay-world-championship/ ) next week at the Replay FX show, I've been trying to boost my Dig Dug scores. I'm playing the PSX Namco Classics disk 3 version (playing on my PS2).


First of all, I saw recorded Dig Dug patterns on YouTube that blew my mind! One video shows a guy who consistently can get the 10k or 12k bonuses for smashing mulitple monsters under the same falling rock! In the past, I was only good at killing 2 at a time. But after developing a few of my own strategies and patterns, today I was killing 3 and 4 monsters more regularly, and once I killed 6 monsters at a time, and I finally saw the 10k point bonus. Killing 1 monster is 1000 points and killing 2 is like 2500, for example - much more common in my playing!

Playing with the PS2 d-pad sucks though. Not as bad as playing Atari 5200 Dig Dug via emulation on Dreamcast, using the DC's tiny dpad -- but still, so many times my big thumb mashes the dpad and Dig Dug will wander left or right the wrong direction, getting killed.

My scores are still pretty bad. Maybe because I'm still experimenting and trying for points too much. I am usually only getting 80k through 150k. My high score is like 189k. My old Dig Dug strategy was always to just stay alive until the pineapple rounds. Each pineapple is 8000 points. The first bonus veggie - a carrot - is only 400 points. Hardly worth going out of your way to grab.

I just thought about the difficulty settings - I'm likely not even playing on Expert setting. The competition will be set at Expert Difficulty D. I better check into that setting tomorrow when I play Dig Dug again.



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