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John Davis (Lees of Memory, Ex-Superdrag) Covers My Music



[#039] John Davis, frontman of current band The Lees of Memory and now-defunct 90s group Superdrag (you'll remember them as one-hit-wonders with their "Sucked Out" video) has a new and unique release; it's a commissioned covers album, which is a completely free download with no strings attached. Check it:

The Lees of Memory had just released their sophomore album, Unnecessary Evil, through the PlegdeMusic platform. In doing this and to help fund the production of the CD & vinyl run, John Davis gave the public an awesome and unique buying option; for price tag of $250, ole Johnny Flame (as he used to call himself in his younger years) would do a cover song, ANY cover song of your choice. There were ten slots available.

After not much self-debate (read: zero input/say from wife) I convinced my old bandmate to go in halfsies with me so we could get one of our songs covered. Long story short, I bought one of the ten slots for a song I wrote and my friend bought another slot for one of the songs he wrote.

Our very talented friend Grant Lindberg, who mastered a lot of our records over the years under the moniker kustomboy, ending up buying a slot too.

Go ahead and blast tracks 3, 5, and 10. Or hell, just download the whole thing because it's free and John Davis is one of the best musicians alive today.
https://highbiasacassette-basedoperationtm.bandcamp.com/album/a-virtual-guided-tour-pledge-covers (this link is no longer active, the music was taken down)

Also, check out Unnecessary Evil by the Lees of Memory. The best album of 2016 by a longshot!

footnote: I was one of the people behind the Superdrag Tribute Project back in 2001 (and it's sequel in 2004). So 15 years later, the roles are reversed. For $250 :)


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