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Forgotten hardware projects



In 2009, I for some reason changed my YouTube user name, and in the process a couple of hardware videos I had under the old name were no longer linked to my newer projects. This bugged me, so I decided to included them here for posterity :)

1- Light pen for the TI 99/4A computer
This was a crude attempt at creating a light pen for the TI given that this machine lacked the necessary circuitry to create an effective one. The solution I came up with is actually pretty simple as detailed in the video... Programmed in TI Extended Basic.


2- Magnetic strip card reader
This project was a bit more involved from a preparation standpoint in trying to understand how magnetic strip readers on credit cards worked and the kind of encoding used, then figuring out how to connect one to the TI. The quality of the video is poor, but it's still watchable.


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