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Of course, if you ask anyone under 35 what a switchbox is, they'd probably stare at you with blank bewilderment—especially if they work(ed) at Radio Shack—so Nintendo probably wasn't worried about brand confusion.

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They should give it to you for free if you trade in a WiiU. Else I can't imagine of ever spending money on Nintendo hardware again...

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Actually, when I briefly read about it, I liked the ideas (detachable controllers etc.).


But then, what do I know. I haven't bought a new console since 1982. :D

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I'm not really impressed with the idea.


So it looks like a master device with a screen plugs into an endless variety of peripherals you can purchase. You can plug it into a big screen to power a traditional gaming experience. Then take it with you to the john to continue your gaming. In the meantime the rest of the family stares at an empty big screen holding useless controllers.


The obvious solution to that dilemma is everyone buys their own Switch and can plug theirs into the empty big screen. So that means everyone has to carry a Switch, phone, laptop, fitness tracker, etc, etc, etc?


Not impressed.

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I have to say my personal interest in getting a new dedicated game system is very low. I simply have so many gaming options:

  • various Android / iOS devices
  • 27" iMac (including Steam)
  • PS3 (resume my Skyrim addiction)
  • Minecraft (either on the iMac or the PS3)
  • 3DS & DS w/ flash cart
  • WiiU
  • GameCube
  • N64 (assuming I can fix / find a working one)
  • older retro console options via emulation

There's just simply so much low cost / no cost entertainment options that I can't justify spending the $$. Even buying a new game for the WiiU is pretty low on the list.

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I have to say my personal interest in getting a new dedicated game system is very low.

I've lost interest in modern consoles. Don't even know when I last played a game on my PS3. Nowadays I only power it up for streaming media, or the occasional DVD or Blu-ray that somebody lent me. Discs I own are ripped and stored on my Mac mini DVR, so I don't need the PS3 to watch them anymore.


Based on how well the PS3 worked as a blu-ray player, I was planning to get a new PS4 Pro until I found out it wouldn't support 4K blu-ray discs.

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