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Uh oh - I'm nervous... I see 12 of my games in there, plus one that I did the sound on... Do you take bribes? :D


Yes. Unfortunately, they don't impact the final review in any way. But I do take them. ;)

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I'm splitting them up (roughly) into categories, so I don't have more than three or four games at a time. Even then, some categories will require multiple parts.

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I've been swamped over the last month, but may have some time in the coming weeks to dust off the 2600. I've ordered capacitor and voltage regulator kits, since I've got a weird issue that every time I press the fire button, the screen darkens. Plus, I'm still hoping to resurrect my original 2600 motherboard (the "repair" actually was a motherboard swap with a replacement from Best Electronics). So I'm hoping this will get my original one working again, and fix the darkening issue on the Best board (which I have other plans for... :ponder: ). Plus I'll fix up my four-switchers while I'm at it.


It'll be interesting to see if Marble Craze is playable now. I thought it was painfully un-fun when I originally played it. I might have plugged it in once since then.

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