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7800 & Tempest MAME

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I'm nearly done a DLI version of my paddle proof of concept & trackball proof of concept. (Just need to fix an error in my ROM to RAM copy routine, I used the wrong label.) I'll put them up tonight. Hmm... just to complete the set I should do one for the driving controller too.In non-7800 geek news I made a bezel for my Tempest cab and put the glass back in. It looks really, really nice. Unfortunately, the next to-do is a biggie - getting the software set up on the PC so it's functional using only the buttons on the control panel.(Brief summary for those not on BYOAC - last year I saved a Tempest cabinet (no monitor, but with the control panel intact) from being sent to the dump. I've mounted a 21" XGA monitor and have bought/made interfaces for the spinner & buttons.

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