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Capitol Station BBS




Capital Station BBS



I was watching Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey over last weekend so naturally when I saw this name I said to myself "STATION!" (Was a saying of victory based on the scientist/"Martian" named Station)


So Capitol Station BBS first visit...




Asks for English or German first off. Interesting!




So about BBSing: software was mostly created in the 90s pre-internet, and they asked validation questions like your name, telephone number, and that was cool because they would call you up and validate you. But your address? Get real. So just so you know, this is what I put down for my information in our current age of information secrecy. I will give a accurate name and number when applying, but the rest? Well if you are a hard core Doctor Who fan you'll appreciate what I wrote. ;)




The BBS bulletins. Yep, I just said "Bulletin Board Systems Bulletins" basically. I know, redundant, but here is where you will find out about the BBS software and recent things. Generally "Hey the BBS went down, but we are back up again!" And that bulletin 9 times out of 10 will be posted like nine years before as a lot of these BBSs are left on autopilot and the system operators go off to get married, have kids, hold down careers and what not. I once found a BBS that was operating in a college closet and the system operator completely forgot he had it running still (and pulled the plug on the BBS after that) :P But this BBS bulletin list was the general "hey we are trying new things" or "here is the BBS software".




Finally the menu...




Pretty standard. Didn't see a online game menu, but I did see the option "!" for the demos and I didn't get too far into that, but I did like the ANSI art animation you get greeted with:






Not much local flair. Ok, let's check the networks:




Now this is a bit more like it. Naturally of course, this is networked. Still interesting. So "FSX" net. Never heard of it. Granted in the past I have frequented FidoNet, DoveNet, GatorNet, even some AtariNet back in the 80's. And naturally on the BBSs you would have had the UseNets. What was/is the Atari one? Go go gadget Google!!




Yep those. Hit a lot of those from the Family-Net BBS. Was great. Basically internet trafficed message boards great for tons of information. Now days mostly just Bravo Sierra ads. (Atari Dealer) :D Hey he can't help it, it looks like it's all him and well, that's because it is. Those UseNets and News Groups were replaced by Atariage and Facebook. Still fun to shout into these networks though and say "You're still here? Cool!"




So there is also a Net267? Kinda generic name if you ask me. Reminds me of a Borg (Star Trek) species designation, like "Species 8472" or something. :P Again, there are many message networks I have not heard of, hope to cure that somewhat in my BBS Trotting, but other networks were creative with "Fido" with the dog icon, or "Gator", or "Dove". But "Net267"? LOL! Again, very Borg.




I tried two sections of the Net267 group and they were empty, but then saw some activity in one of the section, and from only three days ago! :D Good to see. I left the BBS Trotter calling card in there and the question I like to ask to paraphrase Socrates in "What makes you so smart?" and ask "What makes Net267 so great?" We'll see at some point if someone answers.




And we have seen this guy before. I did a quick image search on Google, no hits yet. Would like to know what the name of this mascot is. Maybe we should give him a name.


Anyway, so there we go, Capitol Station BBS. Some networks I had not seen before. Later on my Amigos. - Doctor Clu the BBS Trotter.


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