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Dark Realms



Telnet: darkrealms.ca
Location:Toronto, ON, Canada

From the Telnet BBS Guide:
"Since 1994, Darkrealms has served as an on-line roleplaying community for the Greater Toronto Area and is one of the worlds largest Renegade BBS’s still remaining. LORD, TradeWars 2002, Usurper, and more. Full Fidonet backbone and thousands of Usenet groups on-line, as well as Internet Email."


So we'll do things a bit differently. I won't post all the pictures, but I will post the cool ANSI art, and if you want to look a that the screen shots I took just download the compressed file with all the pictures in it. :)

The BBS itself was alright.
-Different login screens for the four times I logged in.
-Not a remarkable menu screen (all text).
-No goodbye screen.

LORD was of the older version where you did not need the strength or vitality for weapons and armor. Always nice. I like having a Death Sword at first level if I get the money together. I posted the picture of the players below. Some of the names are hilarious which is part of the fun flair of the BBSs, the user names. :D

The General message area was fairly active with the last post from January 14th, so about two weeks ago. And yes, that is fairly active for a lot of BBSs and their local user traffic.

And many many fido message areas.

The reason I logged on four times was due to being kicked off three. The BBS would kick me off if I paused for like 15 seconds while composing a message. And with no goodbye screen I got the impression they were ready to have me leave. Just saying.

I asked the usual question what they liked to do on the BBS. I tried to cut and paste my usual just stopping through message but the BBS kicked me off when I did. :P

And that is the Dark Realms BBS. Next we'll visit a BBS from the letter E.


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