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It wasn't long after creating my first video, that I decided to add subtitles. This was for three main reasons. Firstly, I think it clarifies the script anywhere my diction is unclear. Secondly, it should help those for whom English is not a first language to know what's going on! Thirdly, I just like to tidy everything up, and nicking and tucking my script to match what I actually end up saying, scratches that itch nicely!


So, with all that said (and for anyone who's actually interested;-), here's my most recent subtitled-up video - River Raid:-)



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Loved River Raid. It was one of my favorites on the Colecovision, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that it looks and plays wonderfully on the Atari 2600 as well. In fact, I think I prefer the 2600 version (I rarely prefer anything over a Colecovision port).

The reason I'm really commenting here: I'm glad to see that some people include subtitles for their videos. As a hearing-impaired person who has had severe hearing loss since the age of one, it is difficult for me to listen to things on the Internet. Note: hearing is a spectrum. Making things LOUDER doesn't mean I understand what is being said! With my hearing aid, I have no problem HEARING something being loud enough; the issue is clarity.

Just because I hear one's voice doesn't mean I hear the SPECIFIC SOUNDS that make it easy for you to figure out what word was said. In a fact-to-face setting, I function as normally as anybody else when it comes to hearing/listening; however, hearing over phones/intercoms, computers and any other piece of techno gadgets can be difficult to understand. For starters, the sound quality is different when you're listening to a piece of technology; furthermore, not everybody has good diction and speaks clearly. You ever go to a drive-through at a fast-food place and have a difficult time understanding what the employee on the intercom is saying to you? You hear them, but you can't make out every word clearly; that's what it feels like to me when I try to listen to human voices on computers and phones. It becomes a guessing game where you hear bits and pieces and have to fill in the blanks.

THANK YOU for being one of those people who put subtitles in their videos so that no part of it is missed when listening. Not only is it a help to people with hearing loss, but it also means you open the doors to a possibly much wider audience for yourself.

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Aplologies for my delayed response - it's been a crazy-busy week! Thankyou so much for taking the time to comment. I'm really pleased that you like that I subtitle my videos, and that they help you. Knowing that they are appreciated really does make creating them worthwhile, and you are the first person to give me feedback about them!


I would also like to thank you for setting out so clearly, the nuances of hearing-impairment, something - I'm embarrassed to admit - I knew little about before.


All but two of my videos (Track and Field and Resident Evil 7) are now subtited and I hope to get to these very soon.


Thanks again:)



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