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Nes Sprite Programming



Slow but improving my NES programming skills.

Today (well, yesterday) I did a code to create a sprite "block" (don't know how to call it).

This is something new to me, on Atari 2600 and Odyssey2 each sprite is a single object. On NES the sprites is a little tile, 8x8 pixels.
Naturally to display large images you need to use more than a single tile, and make them move together is a bit tricky.
But I find a way to do it, so I can create many combinations using only a single Y and X variables for each "sprite block".

The NES rom attached is and exemple of few sprite blocks moving. The colors and graphics flickers because a bug I left just because it makes an interesting effect. But you can see the shape of each "sprite block" never change.

Usually you need square or rectangle shapes, but my code is optimized and does not waste more cycles to create unusual shapes.



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