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Seems like you haven't updated the link on your thread yet. I went to your thread and still thought the latest version was RC5 from the first post until I was pointed here.

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That's odd, the link in the homebrew topic takes me to reply reply 479 which has RC6 in it.


There's actually RC7 and RC8, and probably going to be an RC9 when I get back to Houston as I saw something odd after changing TV-TYPE back to NTSC(people kept changing it to PAL and SECAM at the expo, possibly wondering what the option meant) where some of the colors didn't change back. Suspect it's related to the new CONTINUE feature.

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Is this the full game? I get only a black screen on Stella.



Yes, it's the full game.


I just downloaded it and it works OK in Stella. Draconian's using a new bankswitch scheme called CDF which has undergone a few revisions, so check the version of Stella you're using and compare that value with the version specified in the blog post.

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