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So talking with e5frog, it sounds like everything is go with making 18 copies to sell (well, technically 20, but he gets one and I get one.) Too bad he's in Sweden and I'm in the US though. This also does mean I have to buy 16 more duplicate Channel F cartridges. Kevin Vs. Tomatoes has no final price quite yet, but it will be lower than Pac-Man since there's no box for the game (to keep costs down.) But it will have a lovely instructions sheet which I haven't designed yet. So if you want one, let me know. I'll post a market place ad for the game once everything has been finalized.

It's been quite the journey for Kevin. And it only took about a week or so for serious working on the game. I can do that since I don't have a life. Just sit at my computer and make video games. I am wondering if 18 people will buy the game. So again, if you want one, let me know. I don't want 18 copies of the same game that took a lot of money to make.

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Great! Perhaps wait a little for any beta testers before manufacturing those cartridges. Are 2K games typical for the Channel F or would the recycled cartridges hold larger games? Perhaps you'll want to expand the game or if you have some more Channel F games, put them together for a combo release. I might consider a copy later on, but first I will download your current version and try it in emulation.

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