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Met the one of the writers for Atari's Original Swordquest Comics!



[color=rgb(29,33,41)][font=Helvetica][size=4][left][background=transparent]Just met Gerry Conway, the man who co-wrote Atari's original Swordquest series for DC and creator of the Punisher. I asked him about working on the unreleased Air World comic and he told me they never got far beyond a basic plot sadly and couldn't recall how the story would have ended. He did tell me about the process of writing a comic based on games though. He was invited to Atari's Sunnyvale HQ several times to test play and even take home many games for the VCS in order to get a feel for the direction and tone the comic should take. He even told me the story of how he was a tester for Tempest.[/background][/left][/size][/font][/color]


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