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From 1984 to 1977 a fascinating journey



Hi to all the ATARI 2600 VCS community!!

this it's gonna be a long journey (i hope), this borns a couple of years ago from a chat between me and my brother Piter.

We were talking about Atari 2600 and in some part of the chat we ask our self...

how would be look Pyjamarama for the Atari 2600? A silence be came to us.... ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pyjamarama)

the second question was... do you imagine that? --------- laughter ----------

Ok..... there i was, writing on google, atari 2600 programming tutorial
then the Learn 6502 assembly in one step! then.... the Excellent Andrew Davie tutorial for newbies, etc.

and here i'm, still learning and trying to do my best, i know that is not an easy task but i know too that impossible is nothing.

now this days i'm reading the Frosty source code from the super cool Darrell Spice Jr Atari Programmer.

by now i have some mock up done on real atari source code and running.

i need to learn about bands and screen sectors.

all in a time was to imagine about how something is done, and once in the real thing... the thing is to adapt our mind to get it thrugh the Atari 2600 way.

all here is a constant metamorphosis between what we thought and what really is.

will write later, thanks to all!!


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