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Minecraft in glorious 16 colours



I decided to build my own texture pack in Minecraft.
I downloaded Paint.Net because it supports transparent color, Microsoft Paint does not support transparent.
After trials and errors, I managed to build my texture pack in 16 EGA colours. 
I saw texture packs based on NES, so why not in EGA.
The reason I used Beta 1.7 is most blocks are included in the same file png.
In 1.12, each block has its own images. That would take forever to convert all images in 16 colors.
The terrain.png contains most texture blocks in the game.
All I need is to convert this picture into 16 colors.
here the results:
These pictures might not be great but I can improve it.
Somehow, I made obsidians transparents. 
That was fun playing Minecraft in 16 colors.


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