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Spacechase (Apollo)




I don't like this game, I REALLY don't like this game. This game takes the standard Space Invaders/Gorf/Galaxian move-around-on-the-bottom-of-the-screen-and-shoot-things affair and makes it worse. You fly your blue Christmas tree around the bottom of the screen and shoot enemy ships. That. Is. IT. Unlike Space Invaders which had impending doom as the enemy ships moved closer to the bottom of the screen and speed up as more of them were destroyed. Unlike Galaxian with enemies dive bombing you, or Gorf with it's multiple game styles. This game has nothing! You choppily move around the bottom of the screen shooting choppily moving enemies. The only increase in difficult that I could find was... The enemies move faster from side to side, or the enemy ships are smaller and harder to hit, or the shots fired at you now move at a slightly faster speed. Just thinking about this is making me yawn.


This game does have one positive... only one. That vertically scrolling background is pretty cool, in fact I think the entire game was built around that background. But hey here's a thought how about they put that cool-ass background into a game that doesn't have a cool-ass background Like maybe Space Cavern. Otherwise all the other game sprites are just solid colors and rather indistinguishable. As said earlier you ship looks like a blue Christmas tree.


Sound? Even by 2600 standards this is minimalistic. This game has three sounds! You shoot, they shoot, Explosion! Thats it, it's garbage.


This game almost has no gameplay, you move side to side shooting ramdomly while they move side to side shooting randomly. There is no strategy to this game whatsoever. Oh, and the movement isn't smooth and fluid like in Demon Attack or Phoenix, it feels choppy like you ship is jumping every other pixel it just feels wrong.


Don't buy this game. Don't play this game, if you do then I am afraid for you.\

Game sucks end of story.


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If they could hack Space Invaders to this, it would play like the arcade version with the moon in the background!


Too much for the 2600, maybe the 7800.

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