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An updated EDITOR for the TI-99/4A that works with ALL the new technology!

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What's more appropriate for NEW gear on older computers, than updated versions of older software?

Some legacy programs have 'issues' when dealing with newer gear or storage formats. Some older editors like TI-Writer or BA-Writer leave 'garbage'(see first reply below) at the end of a file which can interfere with programs like 4A/DOS when it's trying to process a batch file. Some older programs cannot use all their functions on newer gear. This editor program works flawlessly.

Some legacy editors have multiple selection screens and are bulky multi-part programs, or have stuff you don't need. Some of the old editors don't even remember the filename you are working on. This newly updated editor by Fred Kaal does it all, in one easy to use compact program. I simply love this editor and I think you will too! Sometimes great things come in small packages!

So whatever your hardware, even TIPI's and F18A's, this editor.... "IS THE ONE". ;)

Editor_V30.zip (attached below) gallery_35324_1027_161.gif
This ZIP contains two versions of this program.

The first version, "EDIT80" is compatible with the F18A. This version works VERY WELL within the confines of the 4A/DOS environment, but can also be loaded and used like any other EA/5 program.

The second version, "EDIT40" is for users who still use the original 9918 composite output.

EDITOR.BIN (attached below)
Used to load the program from an FR99 or FG99.

This program is a converted version of the 'scratch loader' originally developed by Mark Wills with tweaks by Tursi and also with support and input from the old SWPB group and members Bill, Tim and Ben. It was converted into cartridge format by AtariAge user JediMatt42.

Here, in it's uploaded form it's set to load EDIT80 from DSK1. but it can easily be modified with a sector editor to suit your individual needs.

Please, download and check them out for yourself. Also, feel free to leave comments, suggestions or even click 'like' to let me know you were here. If you want a video made, please let me know that too.

Editor_v30.zip EDITOR.BIN

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Pretty cool.


There is one 'misconception' I'd like to help clear up. The information at the end of TI-Writer and similarly edited files is typically there to store the tab locations and editor-specific information. It isn't 'garbage' and is meant to be there. FunnelWeb, for example, can save the files without this information by setting the editor to Program Editor mode or by printing the information to a file. So there are methods to strip the information away even with the older programs if it is not desired.

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I never knew what it was for! Thanks for the info! This new editor is fantastic for my uses, especially with 4A/DOS, now I can go in and make a quick edit to a batch file with no effort at all.


Between Fred Kaals newly updated editor and the new loader, 4A/DOS with TIPI and the F18A the TI has been taken to new heights with the auto-booting UberGROM cartridge. In some ways it seems like a more powerful computer than it really is.

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