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Christmas Carol: A Short Story - Part XVIII



Guess what? Guess what???

Carol Greenleaf made it into the Snowflake Gardens -- finally!

She hid herself in the misty fog inside the side tunnel when she heard the Bad Toy approaching from the main corridor. Then, when he passed her by, she decided to continue deeper into the misty tunnel and find out what's on the other side. (And we know what lies there! Hehe!)

That's it, just a quick update. I now have to figure out what it looks like and describe it in words (well, I'll have to let the "writing me" figure all that out). I was just so excited and relieved that she finally made it -- finally -- that I couldn't wait to post it here. I also was looking for a distraction. I've been sitting at this computer for several hours now and it's time for a break ... and lunch.

See ya'!


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