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S.O.P. Track 1 - Sinfonia To Cantata No. 29



Or would it be more impressive to say ,

Sinfonia dalla Cantata n.29
Trascrizione da Concerto per Atari 800

Sinfonia to Cantata No29.mp3

This track was produced using one Atari 800 for all its sound sources with a little FX provided by the mixer. Two of Atari's sound channels were combined to allow defining frequencies using 16 bits. The MP3 is the combination of 6 tracks recorded with multi-track recording software.

Music File origin: Sheet Music
Control Computer: 130XE
Sequencer Software: MIDI Music System by Lee Actor
Sound Source:
MIDI in: Arduino with MIDI Shield optocoupled to joystick ports and Cass.Motor Control
Arduino Software: MonoSyn_1voice. ino
Computer: Atari 800 - monitor output to mixer
Software: ATARI01A.OBJ - MMG compiled Atari BASIC program
Mixer: Behringer Xenyx 1202 FX
-Mic One input - Atari 800 monitor port
-FX : 21 - MID PLATE
Recorder: PC - Audacity 2.1.2 file: Sinfonia to Cantata No29v2.aup

Atari as Synth

Mixer Settings


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I understand that by very advanced programming and careful selection of frequencies, you can get the POKEY to output something like three 16-bit voices, perhaps more. Emkay has uploaded some examples in the forum, though it doesn't seem so straightforward in how to generate such music so you're probably better off with the traditional configuration of one 16-bit voice and two 8-bit voices, and then use multitracking as you already do to combine recordings.

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Thanks, I hope I haven't peaked to soon.


In Compute!'s Second Book of Atari there is the article Perfect Pitch. That and the information in De Re Atari gives a pretty good explanation of combining sound channels for better sound. I can see were getting more channels would be much more complicated. I'll look at those uploads for future reference.

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