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Christmas Carol: A Short Story - Part XXXII



As I wrap up the ending of the story, it occurred to me that it may be a good idea to offer a brief introduction, like a short blurb describing the world to be found therein.

Then I thought it may be even better to offer it as a short letter to the reader, inviting them to believe in the world they were about to enter. You see, to me, Christmas Carol's adventure is more than a children's bedtime story -- it's a way to relive the magic and wonder of your very own childhood memories of Christmas. In that way, it is just as much a story for adults. At least, the few adults who have read it so far agree, and they've enjoyed their trip following Carol along.

So, what I came up with was actually a sort of invitation to any adult who may wonder into these pages, to just go in unreserved.

Below is the letter I wrote. If anybody has any feedback on it, I surely would like to hear it -- even if it is to tell me it is crap and has no place in the book. Whether you like it or not, either way, it would be useful to know.

Dear reader,

Welcome to the wondrous world of Christmas Carol—A world of adventurous elves and evil snowmen; of majestic underground caverns, carved from ice; where spooky ghosts haunt for presents and candy, and snowflakes shine with the brilliant magic of an ancient mountain. A world outside our time, yet playing alongside it—wherein entire adventures can transpire in the span of a single magical night.

To be sure, Carol’s world is not our own—yet I assure you it is just as real. Lest you be inclined to doubt it, I ask you to heed my words. I too did not believe of it when first told this story, and I shall repeat to you what was then told me:

Whether this world exists within or outside our own, above the clouds or underneath the earth; or whether it exists in another dimension, in outer space, or within the confines of your own imagination—it matters not one whit, for it exists just as well.

Thus, I invite you to join Carol on her magical adventure and to help her save Christmas from the foul hands of her foes; and in doing so, to bring joy and happiness to the children of the world.

All you have to do is believe.


J. P.


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