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S.O.P. Track 5 - Two-Part Invention In D Minor




Back to basics. I decided to do this track without using the MIDI setup. Track 5 was recorded using a 130XE running The Music Studio developed by Audio Light, Inc. and distributed by Activision.


Two-Part Invention in D Minor.mp3



My first experience with Music Studio was on the ST. I saw the A8 version at a rock bottom price and added it to my collection. This isn't a review but let me say I was less then impressed and never got passed a cursory look before its abandonment.


The attempt to use it for this track worked out much better. The music was easily entered onto the staff with a little forethought and didn't do any error correction that seemed to crash the system in the past. I still missed the mouse.


Having two tempo settings did seem a bit restrictive and notes below C3 had to be transposed up an octave. Luckily, there were not any notes above C6.




The organ sound was modified before recording and used for the left hand while the clarinet was used for the right hand. To do the multi track recording one patch had all its settings turned off. The Quite patch was then applied to silence one of the hands. The music and sound files are on the .atr.




Control Computer: 130XE

Software: The Music Studio

Music File: MINVEN04

Patch File: SIN4INS

Mixer: Behringer Xenyx 1202 FX

Mic One line input - 130 monitor port

FX : 13 - Mid Room 1

Recorder: PC - Audacity 2.1.2

File: Two part invention in D Minor.aup

Sound Edit

- Sync tracks and trim

- Normalized tracks

- Pan 30% right and left

- -1 db Right / -3 db Left

- Fade out on last note




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