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S.O.P. Track 6 - Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring



Looking forward to seeing what's under the tree, so until then……..

Jesu Joy of mans desiring.mp3

Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring has been in the archives for quite some time. I don't believe there is anyway to track down the origins of this MIDI MUSIC SYSTEM file. Who ever is responsible, I would like to express my gratitude. Although, I didn't use the file as is.

The music seemed to be duplicated and the midi controls were changed for different MIDI equipment. These extra voices were deleted. The music repeated twice so a repeat loop was set up and the duplicated music deleted. There were some timing changes that made the music flow a little smoother. And because I was recording multiple tracks a Voice was created to contain the Tempo changes.

The file size was reduced from 61 sectors to 19 sectors.


The MMS file used 5 voices. Voice 1 and 5 (highest and lowest notes) were played on the Atari. Voices 2, 3, and 4 were assigned the organ sound on the MIDIPLUS miniEngine.

Music File origin: JOYOFMAN.MUS MMS - origin unknown
TRACK06.MUS - Edited and recorded
Control Computer: 130XE
Sequencer Software: MIDI Music System by Lee Actor
Sound Source:
Atari 130XE
MIDI in: Arduino Software: MonoSyn_1voice. ino
Monitor output to mixer
Software: ATARI01A.OBJ - MMG compiled Atari BASIC program
Mixer: Behringer Xenyx 1202 FX
Mic One input - Atari 800 monitor port
FX : 88 - Delay + Reverb 1
Mic Two input - MIDIplus miniEngine
Internal settings: vol = 120
Program = 19 Church Organ
Reverb = 46
Recorder: PC - Audacity 2.1.2
File: Jeus Joy of mans desiring.aup
Sound Edit
- Cut and sync
- Fade in and fade out
- Some volume and Pan settings


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