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Some of my TI 99 from TI-99 IUG



Way back in the 80s, when I was a kid, there was this thing called the TI International Users Group. The group had a TI magazine and a cassette program exchange. You could create programs and summit them to the IUG who would make them public for others to buy on cassette. If you submitted a program you would be able to get the cassette programs free. So being the cheap-ass I am I submitted a lot of programs to the IUG.
Here are some that I recently downloaded from WHTECH site. I know I have a lot more but since the IUG had the irritating policy of removing the name of the programmer from the games, these are the only ones I remember.
All the programs are on the .dsk.
Here is the list:
Note: on all games ;xb means programmed in extended BASIC. ;tib means programmed in TI BASIC.

I typed this from the famous book -David Ahl "BASIC Computer Games'. It was a straight BASIC scrolling on the screen game that me and my friend Keven converted to TI-XB graphics. It's a simple game that can me mastered rather quickly but still fun. Name is 'awari1;xb'

this is a side scroller shot-em-up. it's rather sluggish but you can do just so much in TI XB but it does play a good game. Most of the code enhancements came from Miller Graphics 'Smart Sprite' book. name: eagle1;xb

This game is inspired by the arcade game 'frogs and flies'. plays rather well and includes speech. probably my best game of the era. name: kroak1;xb

There where a LOT of othello style games on the IUG. I 'think' this is the one Kevin and I created, it looks like the kind of code we would create. Our major enhancement to the Othello lot was we really ramped up the AI in level 3 to play a very tough, and slow, game. game name: othello1;xb

Stock Market
Another one where there were lots of versions on the IUG. What makes me think this was mine was the inclusions of being able to choose the company name for the stock. name: stock1;tib

Star Trek
And again a lot of versions. We added graphics to ours and a little sound effects. We also got this one from David Ahl BASIC book. name: Trek1;xb

Even though there are multiple files it's the same thing on all the files.

As I find more I'll post more. enjoy the TI experience!

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That's great! I remember them. They supposedly paid some amount of money towards stuff if you submitted programs. I submitted a ton. They never sent me my stuff, so I fabricated a fake graphical adventure game and sent them essentially a white paper. They were excited, and processed by long neglected order for stuff... A lot of stuff.


Then, they kept calling to find out about the state of the game...

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