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Demo in Action!



Note: I'll be covering this program and how it compares to Atari BASIC in an upcoming post. Till then, enjoy.

; "H:LINES.ACT"PROC MAIN()  BYTE Y1, Y2, Z, T  INT A, B, C, D  CARD X1, X2     ;INTL VAR  X1=9  Y1=12  X2=40  Y2=30  Z=1  T=0  A=5  B=5  C=5  D=5  GRAPHICS(7+16) ;INFIN LOOP  WHILE Z  DO    COLOR=Z          PLOT(X1,Y1)    DRAWTO(X2,Y2)     ;RAND(X) IS RND(0)*X    IF A>1 AND RAND(0)<10 THEN      A=RAND(3)+2    FI    IF D>1 AND RAND(0)<10 THEN      D=RAND(3)+2    FI    X1=X1+A    Y1=Y1-B    X2=X2-C    Y2=Y2+D    IF Y1<6 OR Y1>88 THEN      B=-B     FI    IF Y2<6 OR Y2>88 THEN      D=-D    FI     IF X1<6 OR X1>154 THEN      A=-A    FI    IF X2<6 OR X2>154 THEN      C=-C    FI    IF RAND(0)<5 THEN      Z=RAND(3)+1    FI    T=T+1    IF T>150 THEN      T=0      GRAPHICS(7+16)    FI ODRETURN

Wrote a little demo in Action!. link above shows program.


Recommended Comments

little history on this demo. On the TI-99, to learn Assembler with the what is called the 'mini-mem' cartridge, it uses this demo as a teaching tool. This demo in assembler on the TI-99 is much faster than this Action! demo on the Atari 8-bit.

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