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Frank and snow

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Time once again to work on Frank the Fruit Fly. I was having problems again, but they're solved. The problems were related to me switching to a new level: Level 2. First, the music didn't play. So I changed the way the variable value was gotten, and that did it. Each little tune has a value for a certain variable called bgm_select. So then I tried it and the upper left corner was all screwed up. Turns out I forgot to erase some code that was left over from the first way I got the variable value. So now I'm ready for level 2.
Level 2 is set in the mountains. Just as Frank gets to the mountains, it begins snowing. And snowflakes fall from the sky. Which normally wouldn't hurt a video game character, except this is a fruit fly we're talking about, so I'll make him lose a little bit of health if he hits one of the falling snowflakes. As it turns out, for the snowflake sprite to actually resemble a snowflake, it has to be bigger than Frank.
The guy who is supposedly making the Pokemon Mini flash cart has mysteriously disappeared from the Pokemon Mini forums. In fact, the last post was from 2 days ago from someone asking about the status of the whole thing. Which makes me grateful there's such a forum like this where activity is almost always happening.

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