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Yum Game Boy v. 40

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I was testing version 39. The last version I saved was version 38. I don't remember why there was a version 39 if I didn't care enough to save it. Anyway, I noticed that sometimes all the food comes out at exactly the same time and goes exactly the same speed. And it looks quite bizarre. So I put in code. Food #4 comes out immediately, Food #1 comes out after a random amount of time between 1 and 64 ticks of the timer, then Food #2 comes out at double that, and Food #3 comes out after that. 60 timer ticks is approximately 1 second.
I couldn't do it any other way that I know of because I have the random timer, whose value (is a hardware variable too-technical-for-me-to-understand value that apparently works well for randomness) is an unsigned char, and they can't go above 255. So the highest possible value for Food #3 to wait is at 192, which is below 255. And I made it so the default settings have the in-game music turned off. It was annoying me during testing. You can still turn it on if you like it in the options screen, I just flipped the "switch" that makes in-game music from on to off.
I went into the library for VB C and found some interesting code that might help me with randomness there. The code posted yesterday gave my computer fits and wouldn't work. It froze the game when called a second time. But apparently nobody really seems to care about my Virtual Boy game at Planet Virtual Boy as all the tech wizards just keep ignoring me. And I had to change it to make it compile at all. It doesn't like uint32 for some reason. So I had to change it to int. I give up. Thanks for trying, but apparently it's too hard.
It's odd though that I can do C just fine in a Game Boy, but not in a Virtual Boy.

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