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Turning gray

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About a month ago, I tried to make a gray shade in Frank the Fruit Fly and failed miserably. It worked, but Frank kept acting weird. I decided to come back to it today. I think I found out the reason why. I was using the a variable to move Frank around AND to switch between the two screens that made the gray shade possible. So I tried changing the a to b and lo and behold, Frank quit acting weird.[code=auto:0]        mov        b, [graytimer]         inc        b         mov        [graytimer], b                  test    b, 1         jnz        _t2     mov        x1, title1     jmp        _t1 _t2:     mov        x1, title2 _t1:         mov        [REG_BASE+REG_LCD_TILEBGMEM], x1 [/code]
So in the end all I needed to do back then was change a to b in my bit of code. But there is a downside to all of this. I don't think I can do the gray effect when I need the b variable for something else, which is most of the screens I have all ready. But I'll try to do it with more screens and see what happens.
I bought Togepi's Adventure game but the guy hasn't shipped it yet. He said he'd do it on Thursday, and today is Thursday. Getting anxious to see whether it has been shipped or not because I paid dearly for it.

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