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2K19 Galveston Cruise



Tesla Club of Greater Houston took part in 2K19 Galveston Cruise today that was hosted by Texas Infamous. Groups came from Austin and San Antonio (and possibly DFW).

In preparation I did a Trip Charge this morning, which is charging the car to 100%. For daily use you should only charge to 90% or less as it's not good for the battery to sit at 100%. It's OK to do so for trips, you just want to hit the road soon after you finish charging. I haven't done a trip charge in a while, so wondered how well my range was holding up after 11K+ miles:

blogentry-3056-0-69929900-1552257604_thumb.png. blogentry-3056-0-53939400-1552257615_thumb.png

When new the range of my Model 3 was 310. I couldn't wait for the full charge, so my range is either 309 or 310. If it's only 309 then I've experienced a 0.3% degradation in range.

We started off on the west side of Houston near the intersection of I-10 and Beltway 8. I didn't take any photos there, though I did take a video walkthru.

We next met up at Mall of the Mainland in Texas City were everybody was going to get lunch.

However, there was an apparent mixup on permission resulting in security chasing us out of the lot soon after we arrived. The Tesla group headed over to Tanger Outlet Mall to have lunch at the foodcourt because they offered free EV charging which some of the shorter range vehicles took advantage of. Mall foodcourts can be hit or miss, the Philly cheesesteak I had was hit.

After lunch we rejoined the Texas Infamous group at Diamond Beach in Galveston. I also did a video walkthru (part one and part two).


Addendum: Video by Efrain Ayllon. The bit starting at 0:10 is us showing off summon (no drivers are in the car). This was the second take which I sadly didn't participate in as I didn't know we were doing it again so had already put my phone away. It takes a little bit of time to establish the connection to the car, by which time the summon race would be over. I love the drone footage of us going over the bridge into Galveston. Efrain drove on ahead to get positioned and set up both drones while we arranged the cars in a line at the outskirts of the parking lot at the Tanger Outlet mall. Once we got on I-45 we just drove the speed limit to encourage other cars to go around us as we positioned into 2 lanes - it worked fairly well, only 1 non-Tesla vehicle stayed in there.

I'm easy to spot, 3rd in the middle lane. I'm one of the few with a front plate. They're required in Texas though a lot do without, but I've a friend that lives in a neighborhood patrolled by a particularly strict police officer.

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