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256 colors

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So I learned something. The Jaguar can only display (or have available at any one point) 256 colors. The part in parentheses was the one thing I was having trouble with. I was coming up with rather weird stuff trying to make the backgrounds be 256 colors. As a result, they can only have 192 colors, because I apparently already have 64 colors ready to go in the other CLUTs. But I only have 3 other 4-bit cluts, which would only make 48 colors. So does this mean that CLUT 15, which displays text always, has 16 colors in it? That would make some sense. Jaguar programming is hard. All I would need is one color for the text. Could I free up 15 more colors for the background somehow? I'm so confused.

So I went to work on Castle of Doom. It had been awhile. Turns out I already had a castle58.bin, but no .bas file to go along with it. So I renamed the castle58.bas to castle59.bas. I designed 50 levels. My goal is 63 or so, depending on the amount of room I have available. The maximum number of rooms I can have is 63 with the code I am currently using. I have to go to the doctor Friday and get a blood test. I don't know why since they all come back fine. I should ask him about why my hands are so cold, but I would have to remember to. And sleep. The melatonin gummies were working, but then stopped a few nights ago.

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