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Golf version 6

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My stupid computer has developed a habit of resetting itself when I'm trying to work on something. Last night, I was testing the game on MESS when it decided to restart itself. Luckily, I had the game saved, so I didn't have to redo anything, but I fear the day will come when I'm working feverishly and it decides to do that right in the middle of programming this game.

I added the power meter, the guy positions himself at the ball when it stops moving, and, new for today, added a little song to play when the ball goes in the hole. Ideally, when the song is done playing it will go on to the next hole, but I haven't gotten that far yet. I still need to add water collision, the ball can go in the water and nothing happens. Not sure what to do when the ball goes in the water. Is it a one-stroke penalty and I place the ball on the water's edge? How come there's no water in the Atari/Odyssey 2 versions?

Programming this game turned out to be easier than I thought it would be. Although in the end, I think it will need to be 4k. I've only got one hole almost done and I almost filled up 2k! I hope that all I'd need to do is design more holes and put them in once I get the game's "engine" finished. I need to add water collision and I also need to make it check to see if the ball has gone off the screen. For that, I plan to just have the ball stop no matter how much power is left on the meter. Yes, I know I said I'd take a vacation from this game, but like i said, it seems to be easier than I anticipated.

I was asleep all night, a first for me. I'm trying to turn my life around so I'm awake during the day and asleep at night like a normal person. So in case you're wondering how, yes, I slept a ton yesterday. And I'm still sleepy.

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Cheers for things working out! In terms of golf rules, I think they just updated the regulations but one stroke penalty and then shoot from the position closest to the water trap seems to be the way people in general believe the rule works and easiest to implement.


Are you adding different clubs too, with different min and max ranges on the shot?

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