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I am glad that there are new artie comics.


I get worried when I don't see artie for a while!

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Thanks! I don't plan on ever stopping the strip, but admittedly, Artie often goes for months without new episodes. But I'd rather publish good strips less frequently, than just try to crank out strips for the sake of filling up my blog.


I'll usually build up a number of strip ideas over time, re-writing them and adding to them, before I actually get around to putting them together. Some of the ones I'm publishing now were written in February. :roll: But I like to have enough to make a decent series out of them.


I'm working on a longer Artie story that will be a bit... different. ;) I'm not quite sure when I'll get around to actually publishing it - it's still in the writing stage at the moment. In the meantime, I've got a new strip today and tomorrow which will conclude the current run.

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Oh right,... Adam Sessler! He was the lucky guy working with Morgan Webb right?


Yep, on "X-Play". Man, that was a long time ago.

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