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Twinkle twinkle little star

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I was bugged by this. So bugged that I had to move the screen down a little bit more. Because the star kept twinkling when the game ended. But then I got to thinking: There has to be a reason for this. The reason was the game was working too hard. So I tried to move the star up a little so the screen didn't look strange with everything below. It took at least 3 hours of work, but I made it so the star doesn't twinkle when the game starts.

I kept on using the C7050 cartridge over and over again. Until I remembered something: A long time ago, someone made a better emulator for the Odyssey 2 called Homer. It doesn't emulate the custom sounds in my game, but everything else is almost spot on to a regular Odyssey 2 (well, a lot better than O2EM anyway.) But now that I've lowered everything and can move it back up, I don't think I will because I like the way it looks now. Too bad there isn't a grid line that is exactly the center of the screen, though. It was either this or move it back up to where it was before.

Not only does it look better, it will operate better because if the game gets stressed, the top of the screen gets all wonky. Which is why the star was twinkling in the first place. It shouldn't have to be this hard.

I got the enemy shooting at you. I got the death from enemy's laser done. So now what? I have 500 bytes left. I'm going to (try to) make it speed up as the game progresses, but what else should I do with this? I planned ahead with the speed of the enemy and made it a variable.

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