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Super Scope

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I have a Super Scope. One of the few people in the world with one, I guess. I am going to get it out of the garage tomorrow and see if it still works. I want to make a SNES game. I want to make a game for the Super Scope. I could just as well make it for the ActionMax, but I've done two games for it already. I want to do something new. There are too few games for the Super Scope I think. And in shooting games using a gun for retro consoles in general. I know, I want to make a niche game that only a few people can play (those with a Super Scope and a CRT TV.) I just happen to fall in that niche.

I have 2 or 3 Super Scope games. I found Metal Combat and Super Scope 6. I thought I have Yoshi's Safari but I can't find it. Perhaps it's with the Super Scope in the garage. Has anyone ever attempted a homebrew SNES game that uses the Super Scope? I need to find SNES programming info, and probably an emulator.

My game idea is called "Going Bananas." It's a lot like the ActionMax game HydroSub 2021. Bananas are floating around on the screen in various locales and your job is to shoot them. If I can make just a title screen with a picture of a banana and the words "Going Bananas" on it for the SNES, I'd be happy.

So CAN I make a Super Scope game? Is it even possible?

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Isn't the Super Scope just another light gun, or does it have additional properties? I don't know what it takes besides a 50 Hz CRT monitor to get it to work.

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It is not a simple light gun: it works completely differently than the Nes Zapper.

It can track like a cursor with pixel-perfect accuracy. It actually "sees" the electron beam of the CRT while the screen is actually being drawn.

Fun fact:

In Lemmings 2: The Tribe on the SNES, there is an easter egg: If you plug your Super Scope, you can actually shoot and kill the lemmings!

It is amazing that the programmer managed to slip that in the game, since it is not even listed as a "super scope compatible" game.

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