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Man trapped in brick room (part 2)

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After hours and hours of programming, I finally got things the way I wanted in the game. It took an extremely long time to make it so the guy doesn't keep the walking animation going when he hits a wall. I had to make lines and lines of code for him to keep doing the walking animation when he hits the wall and moves along it. So now my code is 505 lines long. And yet I still have 6000-7FFF to fill up. A lot of space, which is good, because all I did gameplay wise was make the guy able to get the banana and add one to the score and play a short sound when he does. I still need to decide how to make the game more interesting.

I slept most of the day today. I found Yoshi's Safari. I found the Super Scope. It still works. I am wondering though why it needs the receiver when the NES's Zapper didn't have one. Blastris is an interesting game, too bad you only get two shots per shape. It should be infinite. I wonder if a Game Genie could fix that.

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