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Day 1, still tired from the move.....

Mike Harris


The first 3 lines of my code.

; First attempt at real Colecovision Programing
; Adventure port from the Atari 2600 with due credit to Warren Robinett
; December 2, 2018 Start Date.

2 months, 5 versions and some 4,000 lines of Assembly Code later I have a bug ridden 80ish% completed game then the lull once I discovered that Quest For The Golden Chalice existed and it was 10x better than what I imagined to be a strait port.

The first idea was to make a completed Adventure clone not only as a Tribute to Warren Robinett but also learn Z80 Assembly at the same time. Me thinking that Colecovision came after the Atari 2600 it should be more powerful and easier right? Better Colors and SOUND RIGHT! Jeese-O-Flip what a pain.

Also, after discovering TGC, I had to make major changes. So instead of trying to trump TGC, I decided to make it a "Super Game" expanded Adventure and this one will be mine while TGC will be theirs.

As far as the A2600 "Adventure", I looked at the source code and despite understanding it I am using a different system under Z80, Sound should be no problem but my first issue started with the colors.

Great on an emulator, sucks in real life and all from scratch. Walls, Monsters, Collisions Oh My!

Many people on Atari Age have helped me along in logic and understanding of the Coleco BIOS, Graphics and addressing memory. Without whom it would have been a rougher road.

Tony at Electric Adventures, Kiwi, Nanochess, NIAD, Serguei2 to name just a few. More to follow.

I know my first blog entry is jumbled but I got my thoughts out and I will start to flesh out the process and horror show of over engineering a simple game in order to make it work on a rival system.

Being as this is my first Z80 Assembler Language game I have impressed myself but it only gets harder without proper source to learn from and knowledge from mates to help me along.

Here are a few pictures from development and the rom since I took a break in February to work on my house.

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Once I get the bugs out of walking through some walls and what I think is an NMI issue I will reactivate other objects.

Code is there but it still needs work.

But at least you got a taste.

Please feel free to comment all you want as long as it is in good taste.
Try to break the mapping system so I can discover bugs.

If you have changes to the colors feel free to give me a buzz and I will take it into consideration.

I want this to be a well polished, free game that will work on a real Colecovision and I am in no hurry.

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As far as the colors go.
The grey background just never worked out so I changed it to blue.

Hey, I only have 15 + transparent so I have to take liberties.

What you see is level one. All maps are as close to the original as possible given the screen ratio.

The Super game has 60 rooms, 6 Castles, 6 Dragons, 6 keys, 3 Bats, 4 Treasures, Bridge, Magnet and Sword as well as better textures. This may change.

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I'll Post level 2 and 3 Map which still has a couple of suspect areas and no Dark Mazes


I want the Super Game for you to discover on your own.

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